Alice Sadoux

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Alice Sadoux
Personal information
Born(1890-05-20)20 May 1890
Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France
Died26 December 1969(1969-12-26) (aged 79)
Montgeron, France
ClubOndine de Paris

Alice Sadoux also known under the name Alice Vieyra (20 May 1890 - 26 December 1969) was a French competitive swimmer in the 1900s. She was a member of Ondine de Paris.[1][2]

Career[change | change source]

Her earliest victory was on 15 August 1906, winning the "Femina prize" in Joinville-le-Pont. The next year on 1 June 1907 she won two races at the Gare swimming pool, including the 60 metre event. The next day she won the 100 metres event at the "Fête du Devoir" in Rouen in a time of 1:27. Later the same month (23 June) she won the 60 metre event at the CSC meeting.[2]

On 28 July 1907 she participated in the international 200 metre event and the international 60 metre handicap event in Joinville-le-Pont. At this event also some national events were held and she won the national 100 metre event in 1:56. On 1 September 1907 she finished second in the 100 metre race in Chelles. In September 1907, she was hired by the famous swimming teacher Newmann to compete in a Franco-English match against miss Footman at an aquatics gala organized by Hanover House on 19 October in Westminster Baths in London.[2]

Her last main achievements were in 1908, finishing second in the CSC meeting on 28 June and finishing third while bin sick in the Joinville-le-Pont meeting in August.[2]

Personal life[change | change source]

Sadoux was born in 1890 as a daughter of Jean-Baptiste Sadoux, a canoe builder from Joinville-le-Pont. She was a sister of two rowers: Albert Sadoux, French rowing champion in 1890 and Pierre Sadoux. She was the aunt of Yvette Sadoux (1900-1949) a rower of club Femina. She was holder of 26 French and Paris rowing champion titles and had five major international victories.[2]

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