Alice Waters

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Alice Waters (born April 28, 1944) is an American chef.

Accomplishments[change | change source]

Alice Waters later founded the edible food project. Not only did she receive a national humanity reward in 1997, but she also helped over 5,000 schools. Many people appreciate Alice’s hard work and determination to build a more organic and healthy environment in the food industry.

Journey[change | change source]

Alice Waters was always inspired by her father. he influenced her throughout her entire career and to this day she remembers how her father had a huge impact on her life. Not only was she inspired by her father, but she also attended U.C Berkley which was the school that her father attended when he was her age. Although she was supported by her family during her career and that later helped her dreams come true. One day she realized that her gender had a couple of bonuses to it. She could use her gender to get what she wanted. One instance is when she asked her meat guy if he could give her a little bit of help, he then realized that he would have to help this damsel in distress.