Alim Qasimov

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Alim Qasimov
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Alim Gasimov
Background information
OriginShamakhi, Azerbaijan
GenresMugham, Ashiq
InstrumentsSinging, Daf
Years active1977–present
Associated actsFarghana Qasimova

Alim Qasimov (born 1957) is an Azerbaijani musician. He is one of the foremost mugam singers in Azerbaijan. He was awarded the International Music Council-UNESCO Music Prize in 1999. It is one of the highest international honors for music. His music is characterised by his vocal improvisation. It is a move away from the traditional style of mugham.[1] Qasimov has recorded nine albums, three of which are mugham albums with his daughter, Ferghana Qasimova.

Influence and legacy[change | change source]

In 21 November 2009, he was included in a 500 most influential Muslims of world book.[2][3][4] The Icelandic singer Björk complimented Qasimov, by naming him as her "favourite singer alive today".[5][6] In 2010, Alim Qasimov was nominated for the United States National Public Radio's "50 great voices in recorded history" award.[7]

Discography[change | change source]

Alim Gasimov on the semi-final allocation draw ceremony of Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Albums[change | change source]

  • Classical Mugham (3 January 1996)
  • The Art of Mugham: Azerbaidjan (Live) (1 December 1997)
  • The Mugham of Azerbaidjan (1 October 1999)
  • Love's Deep Ocean (11 October 1999) with Ferghana Qasimova
  • The Legendary Art of Mugham (15 October 1997) with Alim Qasimov Ensemble
  • Central Asian Series, Vol. 6: Spiritual Music of Azerbaijan (25 September 2007) with Ferghana Qasimova
  • "Intimate dialogue" - Live at Morgenland Festival Osnabrück 2009 with Ferghana Qasimova

Singles[change | change source]

Year Title Chart positions Album
2010 "I’m your Goddess" (David Vendetta feat. Tara McDonald and Alim Qasimov)[8]

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