Aline Griffith, Dowager Countess of Romanones

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María Aline Griffith Dexter, Countess of Romanones, spouse of a Grandee of Spain (22 May 1923 – 11 December 2017)[1][2] was a Spanish-American aristocrat, socialite, and writer.

Life[change | change source]

Griffith was born in Pearl River, New York.

Griffith worked in the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) as a cipher clerk during World War II. She was a member of the International Best Dressed List from 1962 until her death in 2017. She was a close friend to many world leaders and celebrities including Nancy Reagan, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn.[3]

Griffith died on 11 December 2017 in Madrid at the age of 94.[4]

Titles and styles[change | change source]

  • Miss Aline Griffith (1923–1947)
  • The Most Excellent The Countess of Quintanilla (1947–1963)
  • The Most Excellent The Countess of Romanones (1963–1988)
  • The Most Excellent The Dowager Countess of Romanones (1988–2017)
  • Elected, The International Hall of Fame, Vanity Fair: The International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame (1962)

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Other websites[change | change source]

  • Elenco de Grandezas y Títulos Nobiliarios Españoles, Hidalguía Editions, 2008