Aline Manson

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Aline Manson
Aline Manson 1928.jpg
Manson in 1928
Personal information
National teamFrance
Born(1912-11-12)12 November 1912
2nd arrondissement of Paris, France
Died20 January 2001(2001-01-20) (aged 88)
Fontenay-lès-Briis, France
ClubMouettes de Paris
Club des Nageurs de Paris
Cercle des Nageurs d'Antibes

Aline Manson (12 November 1912 — 20 January 2001) was a French competitive swimmer from Paris during the late 1920s and early 1930s. She was specialized in the 200 metre breaststroke event and became multiple times national champion and national record holder. She also competed in long distance swimming events and won prizes at the Traversée de Paris à la nage [fr]. She was a member of the national team at the 1931 European Aquatics Championships.

Manson was a member of Mouettes de Paris and later moved to Club des Nageurs de Paris. She was trained by Georges Hermant. Later she was a member of Mouettes de Paris. In 1932, she graduated from the swimming club Cercle des Nageurs d'Antibes.[1]

Biography[change | change source]

Her first main competition was in February 1927 in Butte-aux-Cailles.[1]

In 1928 she became champion of Paris in the 400 metre freestyle event (in a time of 7:56.2) on and won the silver medal in the 200 metre breaststroke event (in a time of 3:53). She finished later in July third in a national competition in the 200 metre breaststroke* event in a time of 3:51. In August she competed in the Traversée de Paris à la nage [fr], an open water race in Paris.[1]

In 1929 she became long distance champion of Paris. At national championships she finished third in the 200 metre breaststroke in a time of 3:38.8. At the Traversée de Paris à la nage [fr] she finished in third place, that was also the national open water championship. She swam the 8 kilometer in 2h 12:22.4. At the Traversée de Paris à la nage [fr] she became vice-champion of France in 1930 and 1931.[1]

In 1930 and 1931 she became national champion at the France 200m breaststroke swimming championships  [fr]. She also won with her team at the 1931 national championships the With her teammates, she won both the freestyle relay and medley relay. In 1931 she broke two times the French national record in the 200 metre breaststroke. On April 16 in 3:31.2 at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris and on 11 July in 3:29.4 in Reims.[1]

Due to her achievements she became a member of the French national team at the 1931 European Aquatics Championships in Paris. In the 200 metre breaststroke she finished seventh with a time of 3:39.2.[1]

In 1932 she finished second at the 200 metre breaststroke national championships with a time of 3:25.8. A few days later she broke again the national record with a time of 3:24.4 in Marseille.[1]

References[change | change source]

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