Aliyah Bet

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the central memorial for the Ha'apala in London Garden in Tel Aviv
Ha'apala graves in mount herzl

Aliyah Bet (Hebrew: 'עלייה ב, Aliyah bet) is the name of the illegal immigration to by Jews to the British Mandate of Palestine between 1934 and 1948. It is also known as Ha'apala (Hebrew: ההעפלה, meaning ascension) in Hebrew. Over 100,000 people tried to illegally enter Palestine. There were 142 voyages by 120 ships. Over half were stopped by the British patrols. Over 1,600 drowned at sea. Only a few thousand actually entered Palestine.

A national burial site for those Jews who drowned in the sea during the Aliyah Bet is in the National Civil Cemetery of the State of Israel in Mount Herzl. Other burials are in Carmel Beach cemetery in Haifa. A museum of the history of Aliyah Bet is in Atlit detainee camp. The central memorial for those who did the Aliyah Bet is in the London Garden in Tel Aviv.

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