Allgäu Alps

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Allgäu Alps
German: Allgäuer Alpen
Grosser Krottenkopf.JPG
Highest point
PeakGroßer Krottenkopf
Elevation2,656 m (8,714 ft)
Coordinates47°18′43″N 10°21′22″E / 47.31194°N 10.35611°E / 47.31194; 10.35611Coordinates: 47°18′43″N 10°21′22″E / 47.31194°N 10.35611°E / 47.31194; 10.35611
CountriesGermany and Austria
RegionBavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg
Parent rangeNorthern Limestone Alps
Borders onLechtal Alps and Ammergau Alps
Type of rockSedimentary

The Allgäu Alps are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps. They are located in Bavaria in Germany, and Tyrol and Vorarlberg in Austria. The range is directly east of Lake Constance.

There are relatively high levels of rain and it is the rainiest place in Germany. While there are some permanent snowfields, there are no glaciers. Most mountains have grassy faces on one side, and sheer cliffs on the other. Further south the mountains begin to look Dolomite, as they have crevices and gullies.[1] The main river in the region is the Iller, which splits the mountains in half. The high peaks are all on the east of the Iller. On the west they are usually not taller than 2200m. Many activities occur in them, including hiking and skiing.

The ten highest peaks[change | change source]

The highest peaks of the Allgäu Alps are either on Austrian soil or on the Austro-German border.

Name Height Country / State Subgroup within the AA
Großer Krottenkopf 2657m Austria / Tyrol Hornbach chain
Hohes Licht 2652m Austria / Tyrol Main central chain
Hochfrottspitze 2648.8m Germany / Bavaria + Austria / Tyrol Main central chain
Mädelegabel 2644m Germany / Bavaria + Austria / Tyrol Main central chain
Urbeleskarspitze 2632m Austria / Tyrol Hornbach chain
Steinschartenkopf 2615m Austria / Tyrol Main central chain
Marchspitze 2610m Austria / Tyrol Hornbach chain
Bretterspitze 2609m Austria / Tyrol Hornbach chain
Bockkarkopf 2608.5m Germany / Bavaria + Austria / Tyrol Main central chain
Biberkopf 2599m Germany / Bavaria + Austria / Tyrol Main central chain

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