Alrabiaa Network Television

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Alrabiaa Network Television (Arabic: قناة الرابعة الفضائية); also called Al Rabiaa TV is an Iraqi satellite television channel. It is based in Baghdad, Iraq. The channel was launched in 2021 by Ghazwan Jassem.

Alrabiaa Network Television
قناة الرابعة الفضائية
Broadcast areaMENA (available in most areas)
Language(s)Arabic and English
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV/16:9 letterbox)
LaunchedJuly 16, 2021
Websiteofficial website
Check local listings for channel numbers
DirecTV333 (SD only)
1333 (VOD HD)
Dish Network161 (SD only)
Verizon FiOS211 (SD) 711(HD)
AT&T U-verse1504 (HD)
504 (SD)

Programs[change | change source]

  • Sout Almalaeb - صوت الملاعب (in Arabic)
  • Studio Alateba - ستديو الاطباء (in Arabic)
  • Halqa Waswl - حلقة وصل (in Arabic)
  • Shako Mako- شكو ماكو (in Arabic)
  • Sabah Alrabiaa - صباح الرابعة (in Arabic)

Alrabiaa Network Television acquired the rights to broadcast the matches of the AFC Championships exclusively in all its competitions until 2024,[1] with an estimated amount of 12 million US dollars.[2][3][4]

Name of the channel[change | change source]

This name represents the fourth authority, and it is a term generally applied to the press and the mass media to highlight their influential role not only in circulating news and knowledge, but also in forming opinion, disclosing information, creating issues and representing the people.

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