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Stylistic originsR&B, hip hop, EDM, rock
Cultural originsLate 2000s
Typical instrumentsSynthesizers, drum machines, bass, drums, guitar, vocals (singing, rapping)
Mainstream popularityLate 2000s–present
Other topics
African-American music - Alternative hip hop - Hip hop soul - Neo soul

PBR&B (also called R-neg-B Hipster R&B or Alternative R&B) is a musical genre which stylistic origins are derived from R&B, alternative hip hop, hip hop soul, rock and sometimes electronic dance music. It emerged in the late 2000s and did not have an official name to it, so people called it alternative R&B until 2011 when the term PBR&B (an abbreviation of Pabst Blue Ribbon[1]) came on Twitter. Some notable artist include The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Miguel and Drake

References[change | change source]

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