Alvis Stormer

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Alvis Stormer
Alvis Stormer in 2009.jpg
Place of origin United Kingdom
Mass12.7 tonnes
Length5.27 m
Width2.76 m
Height2.49 m

Maximum speed 80 km/h
A picture of the Stormer.
This is a close-up view of the Stormer's missile launcher.

The Alvis Stormer, usually just called the Stormer, was a British armoured vehicle. It was in service with the British Army until mid-2009, when the Stormers were gradually retired.[1]

It was made by the British company Alvis Vickers. Alvis Vickers is now called BAE Systems Global Combat Systems.

Different types of Stormer[change | change source]

There are three different kinds of Stormer. These are:

Stormer HVM[change | change source]

The British Army use Stormers with the Starstreak missile for short range air defence.

Flat bed Stormer[change | change source]

A different kind of Stormer with a flat load bed is used to carry the Shielder minelaying system.

Stormer 30[change | change source]

Stormer 30 is a changed Stormer chassis which gives a tracked reconnaissance vehicle. This type has a turret.

The vehicle is still only a prototype. It is unknown when it will enter service. The vehicle will be able to be moved around by the C-130 Hercules used by the RAF aircraft as well as the CH-53, which is currently in service with NATO and other nations across the world.

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