Amara Enyia

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Amara Enyia
Amara Enyia 2018 (1).jpg
Amarachuka Enyia

EducationUniversity of Illinois (BS, JD, PhD)
  • Activist
  • community organizer

Amarachuku C. Enyia,[2] known as Amara Enyia, is an American politician, community organizer, and city consultant.

She is currently director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce in Chicago and Chief Executive Officer of ACE Municipal Partners.[3] Enyia is a candidate for Mayor of Chicago in the 2019 election, and was a candidate in the 2015 mayoral election.[4][5]

On October 16, 2018, she was endorsed by Chance the Rapper, boosting her popularity.[6] However, she lost the first round of the election.

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