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Ambattur is a neighbourhood place of Northern Chennai. It is located in the Ambattur taluk of the Chennai Corporation, Tamil Nadu. It was added in the part of the Chennai Corporation in the year 2011.[1]

It is one of the fast growing residential area in the Chennai Corporation. The area of the place is 45 km2.The neighbourhood is served by the Ambattur Railway Station.

In the time of 1960s Ambattur was a village with large extends of agricultural lands. The Ambattur Lake supported the irrigational purpose.The growth of the village heightened when the Ambattur industrial estate was established in the year 1964.

It was said that the place has got its name of Ambattur from the Tamil words (ஐம்பத்து ஊர்) becvause this place was the colloboration of 50 places.

The population of this area in 2011 is 466,205 with a sex ratio of 985 per 1000 males and literacy rate of 82%.

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