American shrew mole

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American shrew mole[1]
Shrew Mole (Neurotrichus gibbsii).jpeg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Eulipotyphla
Family: Talpidae
Genus: Neurotrichus
N. gibbsii
Binomial name
Neurotrichus gibbsii
(Baird, 1858)
American Shrew Mole area.png
American shrew mole range

The American shrew mole (Neurotrichus gibbsii) is the smallest species of mole. It is the only living member of the genus Neurotrichus and the tribe Neurotrichini. It is also known as Gibb's shrew mole and least shrew mole.

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