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Amram was the oldest son of Kehath who was a son of Levi. Amram married Yocheved, the daughter of Levi. She gave birth to a daughter named Miriam and a son named Aaron. Then Pharaoh said that every newborn Israelite baby would be thrown in the Nile. So when they had another son, Amram and Yocheved hid him for three months but then couldn’t anymore so Yocheved put the baby in a basket in the river. Then Pharaoh’s daughter found the boy and named him Moses.

The Midrash[change | change source]

According to a Midrash, when Amram found out Pharaoh would kill every boy, he decided to divorce Yocheved because he didn’t want a son who would just be killed and the other Israelite men decided to do the same thing. Then Amram’s daughter Miriam told him not to do that because it also meant that no girls would be born, not just boys. Amram then re-married Yocheved so all the other Israelite men remarried their wives.