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Ana María Vela Rubio (born 29 October 1901), age &&&&&&&&&&&&0115.&&&&&0115 years, &&&&&&&&&&&&0287.&&&&&0287 days, is a Spanish supercentenarian. She has been the oldest verified Spaniard ever since 6 June 2016 when, aged 114 years, 221 days. She passed the record of María Antonia Castro who died in 1996, aged 114 years, 220 days[1] and also the oldest Spanish-born person since 4 April 2017 when, aged 115 years, 157 days, she surpassed the record of Emiliano Mercado del Toro died in 2007, aged 115 years, 156 days.

Vela Rubio is also the fourth-oldest living person in the world. She became the oldest living European upon the death of former world's oldest person Emma Morano on 15 April 2017.[2] She is the third oldest person ever from Europe behind Jeanne Calment and Emma Morano.

Vela Rubio was born 29 October 1901 in Puente Genil, Andalucia. She worked as a dressmaker in her youth. She never married her partner as her parents did not allow them to marry, but the two had several children. Her daughter, also named Ana, lives with her.[1]

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