Ana María Vela Rubio

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Ana María Vela Rubio (29 October 1901 – 15 December 2017), was a Spanish supercentenarian. She is the oldest verified Spaniard ever from 6 June 2016.[1] Vela Rubio was also the third-oldest living person in the world, behind Nabi Tajima and Chiyo Miyako.[2]

Biography[change | change source]

Vela Rubio was born 29 October 1901 in Puente Genil, Andalusia. She used to work as a dressmaker. She never married her partner as her parents did not agree to their marrying, but the couple had two children. Her daughter, also named Ana, lives with her.[1]

She became the oldest European since the death of oldest person Emma Morano on 15 April 2017.[3]

She died on 15 December 2017.[4] Vela Rubio was succeeded as the Europe's oldest living person by Giuseppina Projetto-Frau of Italy.

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