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Anastasia or Anastacia [an-uh-stey-zhuh, ah-nuh-stah-shuh; Russian uh-nuh-stah-syi-yuh][1] is a Female name that comes from the Koine Greek. In English, it means "She who shall rise up again",[2] but it is also used to mean "resurrection". The name, and its similar male name, Anastasius, were given to children born during Easter in the early years of Christianity.Ranked #181 in the nation for newborn prevalence in 2021.[3]

The names "Stacey" (also spelled "Stacie", "Stacy" or "Stacee"), "Tasia", and "Stasia" are short for Anastasia. The name “Nastya” are also common shortname for those named Anastasia.

It is also the name of several important women in history.

Anastasia is also the name of:


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