André Benoît François Hyacinthe Le Berthon

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André Benoît François Hyacinthe Le Berthon was a French politician. He was born on January 7, 1713 in Bordeaux (Gironde) and died April 17, 1800 in Paris.

He was the first president of the Parliament of Bordeaux on the death of his father in August 1766.

Simon-Antoine Delphin de Lamothe, admitted to the Parliament of Bordeaux at the age of 18. The pleasure of munching on his colleagues from the Palace arouses strong protests to bring the first President André-Benoît-François-Hyacinthe Le Berthon to intervene.

He was received at the Bordeaux Masonic Lodge La Française in 1773 and was its perpetual venerable from 1779.

In August 1787, the Parliament of Bordeaux, having taken up the defense of the tax-burdened people, was again exiled to Libourne. King Louis XVI again fearing riots agreed to return to Parliament in August 1788.

He was a member of the nobility at the Estates General of 1789, showing himself open to reforms. [1][2][3][4]

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