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The angklung is an Indonesian music instrument. It is made of many bamboo tubes. In 2010, UNESCO officially declared angklung a World Heritage item.

Angklung typically has two tubes and a base. Master artisans whittle bamboo into tubes of different sizes, which determine the angklung’s pitch. When a player gently shakes or taps the bamboo base, the instrument produces a single pitch. Since Angklungs only play a single note, players must work together to create melodies by shaking their angklungs at different pitches.

The Angklung’s origin dates back 400 years to West Java, Indonesia. Villagers believed the sound of bamboo could attract the attention of Déwi Sri, the goddess of rice and prosperity. Each year, the village’s best craftsmen used special black bamboo to create angklungs. During the harvest season, they held ceremonies and played Angklungs in hopes that the deity would bless them with fertile crops.

The instrument is still a staple in Indonesian culture. The government hosts Angklung performances to welcome honorable guests to Indonesia’s Presidential Palace. Angklung’s uplifting sound can be heard in classrooms around the world since it’s a great way for teachers to introduce students to Indonesian music and culture.