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Angry Birds Toons


Starring Antti LJ Pääkkönen, Antti Pääkkönen, Pasi Ruohonen, Lynne Guaglione, Heljä Heikkinen, Rauno Ahonen, Chris Sadler
Country of origin  Finland
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 111 (list of episodes)
Original network Teletoon
First shown in Canada
Original release 17 March 2013 – 13 May 2016
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Angry Birds Toons is a Finnish animated television series based on the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Mobile. The series was first shown on channel Teletoon. It began on March 16, 2013.

Characters[change | change source]

The characters in Angry Birds Toons are birds, pigs, and other animals.[1] None of the characters in the series say anything. Birds chirp, pigs grunt. But these sounds, including shouts, groans, growls, squeaks, squeals, laughter, etc., are being published by people, Finnish actors (often the authors of the series themselves are scriptwriters, directors, composers).

Birds[change | change source]

  • Red is an obvious leader among birds. He takes care of eggs especially, gives them all his free time. He tries to destroy the pigs at the first opportunity.
  • Jake, Jim & Jay, are the three twin brothers, cheerful and active chicks. They like pranks, often their actions lead to trouble. They love to make fun of other birds and pigs.
  • Chuck is fast and athletic, a little vain and presumptuous. It has the ability to accelerate so that everything around it slows down.
  • Matilda is caring, kind, loves children, has culinary skills, although sometimes her cooking can only be fed by pigs. Has something to do with the hippy culture.
  • Bomb is cheerful, and at the same time aggressive. He likes ice cream, corn and knows how to blow up. He wants to do "heroic" deeds.
  • Bubbles is cheerful and friendly, very fond of sweets, and when he takes candy, he gets furious and does everything to get the sweets back. Like the blue birds are a child.
  • Terence as shown in the cartoon, sullen, rugged and stern, even a bit wild. It is calm and durable, like a wall. But, despite this, sometimes he smiles.
  • The Eggs are the children of birds. According to the plot, they want to steal pigs and cook eggs from them. Each of the adult birds wants to instill in their offspring their character.

Pigs[change | change source]

For More See "Pigs from Angry Birds Toons"

  • The Minion Pigs are the main population of Pig City, loyal servants of the King, are ready to fulfill any order. Very sociable and social, they adore parties and holidays. Do not recognize dignitaries without their headdress.
  • King Pig is the leader of the pigs. He dreams of getting the eggs of the birds and making eggs out of them. Greedy, stupid, loves the sweet. I'm used to his orders that all obey. Sometimes it behaves like a child.
  • Corporal Pig is a pig in the helmet. He leads the minions, and is also the head of the guard of the King Pig. Constantly trying to steal the eggs of the birds, but all his attempts and plans fail.
  • Foreman Pig is the chief of security services and brigadier of Pig City. He wants to get a raise from the King of Pigs, for this he is ready for anything.
  • Chef Pig is the chief cook and part-time adviser to the King Pig. He dreams of taking away his crown and becoming the ruler of Pig City.
  • Chronicler Pig is the chronicler, priest, judge and master of ceremonies of Pig City, one of the most faithful servants of the King Pig. Very intelligent and calm.
  • Professor Pig is an ingenious scientist and inventor, the truth of his creations does not always work properly.
  • Fat Pig is strong, but narcissistic, arrogant and cowardly swine. He can sing very loudly.
  • Hambo is stubborn and brave fighter, faithful disciple of Corporal. However, he is inattentive and a bit stupid.
  • Muscle Pig is a pumped swine, used to solve all the problems with his immense power. Likes to fight, but on condition that he wins. Losing he can not stand.

Insects and other animals

. Butterfly is one of the insects in the show. Chuck looked at her as he descended the mountain. She also appeared in the episodes A Pig's Best Friend, El Porkador! and The Butterfly Effect.

. Fly is an insect in the show. After Red breathed on her with the smell of soup Matilda, she fell to the ground.

. Bee is an insect in the show. It stung a small pig in the nose.

. Fish are one of the animals in the show. They were in an aquarium in a pig house. He also appeared in the episodoes Catch Of The Day. In the Sink or Swim episode, the red fish laughed at Red when he tried to learn to swim, and even photographed it.

. The Snail is an animal on the show. It has found the shape of a pig through the Chef, who tested his potion, turning all living things into pigs.

. Lamb is a character on the show. She threw in the disguised birds Chef and two pigs.

. Crab is a character in the show. When Red tried to swim with a mask with a pipe, but he did not get out and he went to the bottom, the crab jumped on it.

. Sea Monster is a character on the show. It was awakened when the pigs threw a dog in it, tied to the anchor.

Perhaps in the cartoon there will be Hal, Stella, Mighty Eagle, other pigs, but they did not appear in the trailers or had a minor role in them.

Angry Birds Toons Episode List[change | change source]

  1. Chuck Time (First Appearance of Red and Chuck)
  2. Where's My Crown (First Appearance of the bad piggies, specifically, King Pig, Minion Pigs, and Corporal Pig)
  3. Full Metal Chuck (Debut of Jay, Jake, and Jim)
  4. Another Birthday
  5. Egg Sounds (Matilda's Debut)
  6. Pig Talent
  7. Cordon Bleugh
  8. True Blue? (The Blues' theme song is first featured. Also, it is Chef Pig's Debut)
  9. Do As I Say!
  10. Off Duty (Bomb's Debut)
  11. Slingshot 101
  12. Thunder Chuck
  13. Gardening with Terence (Debut of Terence)
  14. Dopeys On A Rope (Debut of Corporal Pig's new look)
  15. Trojan Egg
  16. Double Take
  17. Crash Test Piggies
  18. Slappy-Go-Lucky (Foreman Pig and Professor Pig's Debut)
  19. Sneezy Does It
  20. Run Chuck Run
  21. Hypno Pigs
  22. Egg's Day Out
  23. Gate Crasher
  24. Hog Roast
  25. The Bird That Cried Pig
  26. Hamshank Redemption (Prisoner Pig and Goliath Pig's Debut)
  27. Green Pig Soup
  28. Catch Of the Day
  29. Nighty Night Terence
  30. Piggy Wig
  31. Pig Plot Potion
  32. Tooth Royal
  33. Night Of the Living Pork (The Zombie Pigs and Bubbles' debut)
  34. King Of The Castle
  35. Love is in the Air (First Appearance of Chronicler Pig)
  36. Fired Up
  37. Clash of Corns
  38. A Pig's Best Friend
  39. Slumber Mill
  40. Jingle Yells
  41. El Porkador (Debut of Fat Pig, also known as El Porkador!)
  42. Hiccups
  43. The Butterfly Effect
  44. Hambo
  45. Bird Flu
  46. Piggies From The Deep
  47. Oh Gnome!
  48. Shrub it In
  49. The Truce
  50. Operation Opera
  51. Chucked Out
  52. Bomb' s Awake (Final Season 1 Episode)
  53. Treasure Hunt
  54. Sweets of Doom
  55. Party Ahoy
  56. Hide and Seek
  57. Sink or Swim
  58. Super Bomb!
  59. Just So
  60. The Miracle of Life
  61. Cave Pig
  62. Joy to the Pigs
  63. Dogzilla
  64. Boulder Bro
  65. Chuckmania
  66. Not Without My Helmet
  67. Mona Litha
  68. Sir Bomb of Hamelot
  69. Bearded Ambition
  70. Cold Justice
  71. Slow the Chuck Down!
  72. Brutal vs. Brutal
  73. Eating Out
  74. The Great Eggscape
  75. Sleep Like A Hog
  76. Bombina
  77. Pig Possessed
  78. Epic Sax-Off (End of Season)
  79. Royal Heist (It is the first episode to be distributed by CAKE Distribution, which also distributed season 2 of Angry Birds Stella's series.)
  80. Bad Hair Day (It was released on the app before the website)
  81. Golditrotters (It was released on the app then the website)
  82. A Fistful of Cabbage
  83. Porcula
  84. Didgeridork
  85. The Porktrait
  86. Fix It!
  87. Age Rage
  88. Catching The Blues
  89. Last Tree Standing
  90. Happy Hippy
  91. Mind the Pony
  92. Robo-Tilda
  93. King of the Ring
  94. Spaced Out
  95. Battling Butlers
  96. Eggshaustion (This episode was not released in the UK, because there were some glitches with the episodes.)
  97. Short and Special
  98. Hocus Porcus
  99. Romance in a Bottle
  100. The Butler Did It!
  101. Stalker
  102. Photochucked
  103. Bake On! (This episode will explain why the Chef Pig in Eggshaustion is a Minion Pig and not the original Chef Pig)
  104. Toy Hoggers (Season Finale!)

Development[change | change source]

Rovio had announced a TV series based on the Angry Birds video games for Q4 2012. They planed to produce 52 short (sub-3 minute) episodes.[2] The series was produced by Finnish animation studio Kombo, which Rovio bought in June 2011.[3] The series will have 52 episodes, 4 seasons, and the theme song will be Angry Birds. "I am happy to say we are going to roll out a weekly animation series this year of short format content," said Nick Dorra, head of animation at Rovio.[4] It aired on the Angry Birds apps on March 16th and 17th of 2013.

References[change | change source]