Anna van Egmont

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Anna van Egmont.
Statue of Anna van Egmont with her husband William the Silent and their children Maria and Philip William in Buren

Anna van Egmont (Grave, March 1533 — Breda, 24 March 1558) was a member of an important and rich Dutch family. She was the first wife of William the Silent, Prince of Orange.

She was the only child of Maximiliaan van Egmond and Françoise de Lannoy. She was also Countess of Lingen and of Leerdam, and Lady of IJsselstein, of Borssele, of Grave, of Cranendonck, of Jaarsveld, of Kortgene, of Sint Maartensdijk, and of Odijk. Because she was the only child, she also got the title of Countess of Buren and Lady of Egmond.

In 1551 she married William the Silent in Buren. Because she was the Lady of Egmond and Countess of Buren, he became Lord of Egmond and Count of Buren. They had three children:

Anna died when she was only 25 years old. She was buried in Breda.