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Anne-Marie Imafidon

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Anne-Marie Imafidon

Anne-Marie Osawemwenze Ore-Ofe Imafidon is a British mathematician and computer scientist.[1] She was awarded an Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2017.[2] Anna-Marie Imafidon is the co-founder of Outbox and Stemettes.[3][2] Stemettes is an organization dedicated to help relieve the gender gap in studying the STEM field.[3] Outbox is the first technology incubator for young girls.[2] Her companies have brought over 40,000 women to experience STEM mentoring programs, workshops, and more.

Education[change | change source]

Growing up in the UK, Imafidon was a genius from a young age. She passed two GCSE’s in mathematics and information technology at 10 years old.[1] She passed her A-level computing at age 11.[3] She was the youngest person to ever pass that A-level exam.[3][1] Imafidon became a student at Oxford University at age 15.[2] At age 19 she completed her Master's degree.[2][1] She is the youngest person to ever complete a Master's degree from Oxford.[2] Outside of her academic life, she participated in a fashion show and played Netball in college.

Career[change | change source]

When she was 16, she began receiving offers from top financial companies. She worked for Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard and Deutschebank.[2][3] She started the Stemettes while working at Deutschebank.[3][4] Her work focuses on teaching girls to create technology.[2][3] She wants technology to become better because the engineers who create it are more diverse than the are today.[3]

Family[change | change source]

Imafidon is from Stratford in East London.[3] Her father came to the United Kingdom from Nigeria.

Imafidon isn’t the only notable person from her family. Her younger siblings are Peter and Paula - also known as the "Wonder Twins."[1] They passed an Advanced Level mathematics exam at the age of 7. By passing that exam, Peter and Paula broke the United Kingdom's record.[1] They were the youngest to ever pass A-levels.[1] When they were nine years old, both of them broke another record by passing the Cambridge University Mathematics test.[1] Another of Imafidon’s younger sisters, Christina, was accepted to enter the United Kingdom University at 11. Her other sister, Samantha, passed 2 high school exams at 6 years old.[1]

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