Anne Jules de Noailles, 2nd Duke of Noailles

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Anne Jules de Noailles
2nd Duke of Noailles
Noailles by Rigaud
Full name
Anne Jules de Noailles
Born(1650-02-05)5 February 1650
Died2 October 1708(1708-10-02) (aged 58)
Noble familyof Noailles
Spouse(s)Marie Françoise de Bournonville
Mańe Christine, Duchess of Gramont
Louis Paul, Count of Ayen
Marie Charlotte, Marquise of Coëtquen
Adrien Maurice, Duke of Noailles
Lucie Félicité, Duchess of Estrées
Marie Thérèse, Duchess of La Vallière
Emmanuel Jules. Count of Noailles
Marie Françoise, Marquise of Lavardin
Marie Victoire, Countess of Toulouse
Marie Émilie, Marquise of Châteauregnaud
Jules Adrien, Count of Noailles
Anne Louise, Marquise Mancini
FatherAnne de Noailles
MotherLouise Boyer

Anne Jules de Noailles, 2nd Duke of Noailles (5 February 1650 - 2 October 1708) was a French nobleman from the House of Noailles.[1] A well regarded military man of his day, he was a general under King Louis XIV of France and was later the subject of a painting by the famous court painter Hyacinthe Rigaud.

Family[change | change source]

Son of Anne de Noailles and his wife, Louise Boyer, he acceded to the title of Duke of Noailles on his father's death in 1678. He was married to Marie Françoise de Bournonville, with whom he had children. One of the chief generals of France towards the end of the reign of Louis XIV, and, after raising the regiment of Noailles in 1689, he commanded in Spain during both the Nine Years' War and the War of the Spanish Succession. He was made a marshal of France in 1693. He died on October 2, 1708.[2]

Children[change | change source]

Anne Jules de Noailles had many children

  1. Marie Christine de Noailles (1672–1748), married (1687) Antoine de Gramont, Duke of Gramont;,[3] Marshal of France (1671–1725)
  2. Louis Marie de Noailles (°1675);
  3. Louis Paul de Noailles (°1676), Count of Ayen;
  4. Marie Charlotte de Noailles (1677–1723), married (1696) Malo, marquis of Coëtquen;[3]
  5. Adrien Maurice de Noailles (1678–1766), 3rd Duke of Noailles; married Françoise Charlotte d'Aubigné,[3] niece of Madame de Maintenon;
  6. Anne Louise de Noailles (°1679);
  7. Jean Anne de Noailles (°1681);
  8. Julie Françoise de Noailles (°1682);
  9. Lucie Félicité de Noailles (°1683), married (1698) Victor Marie d'Estrées (1660–1737),[3] a Marshal of France;
  10. Marie Thérèse de Noailles (°1684–1784), married (1698) Charles François de la Baume Le Blanc, Duke of La Vallière;[3]
  11. Emmanuel Jules de Noailles (1686–1702), Count of Noailles;
  12. Marie Françoise de Noailles (°1687), married (1703) Emmanuel de Beaumanoir, marquis of Lavardin;[3]
  13. Marie Victoire de Noailles (1688–1766), married (1707) Louis de Pardaillan de Gondrin (1688–1712), then (1723) his half-uncle the Count of Toulouse;
  14. Marie Émilie de Noailles (1689–1723) married (1713) Emmanuel Rousselet, marquis of Châteauregnaud;
  15. Jules Adrien de Noailles (1690–1710), Count of Noailles;
  16. Marie Uranie de Noailles (°1691), nun;
  17. Anne Louise de Noailles (°1695) married (1716) François Le Tellier, marquis of Louvois (died 1719)[3] and had issue; married again to Jacques Hippolyte Mancini, Marquis Mancini and had issue; present prince of Monaco is descended from this line.

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