Anne de Noailles, Duke of Noailles

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Anne de Noailles
Duke of Noailles
Noailles, Anne.jpg
Portrait of Anne de Noailles
Full name
Anne de Noailles
Bornafter 1613
Died(1678-02-15)15 February 1678
Noble familyHouse of Noailles
Spouse(s)Louise Boyer
Anne Jules, Duke of Noailles
Louis Antoine, "Cardinal de Noailles"
Jean François, Marquis of Noailles
Louise Anne, Marquise of Lavardin
Jean Baptiste, Bishop of Châlons
FatherFrançois de Noailles, Count of Ayen
MotherRose de Roquelaure

Anne de Noailles, (1st) Duke of Noailles (born after 1613 - 15 February 1678) was a French noble whose two sons bought the House of Noailles to prominence at the French royal court. Prior to being created a duke in 1663, he was a count.

Brief biography[change | change source]

A son of François de Noailles who was created the "Count of Ayen" in 1663. He was eventually created the Duke of Noailles during the reign of Louis XIV in 1663.

Marriage and children[change | change source]

13 December 1645 he married Louise Boyer with whom he had six children with;

  1. Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke of Noailles (5 February 1650 – 2 October 1708) married Marie Françoise de Bournonville and bhad children.
  2. Louis Antoine de Noailles (27 May 1651 – 4 May 1729) a bishop and cardinal, who remained unmarried. Known as the Cardinal de Noailles.
  3. Jacques de Noailles (9 November 1653 - 22 April 1712) died unmarried.
  4. Jean François de Noailles (28 August 1658 - 23 June 1692), "Marquis of Noailles". Married Marguerite Thérèse Rouillé in 1687 and had children
  5. Louise Anne de Noailles (1662-1693) married Henri de Beaumanoir, Marquis of Lavardin.
  6. Jean Baptiste Louis Gaston de Noailles (8 July 1669 - 15 September 1720) Bishop of Châlons.