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Annie Khalid or just Annie (or real name Noor al Ain Khalid) (born 1987) is a British-Pakistani music star and diva.[1] She started her career in 2006[source?]. She sings songs in Urdu, Punjabi and English languages.

Her major hit singles so far include Mahiya (2007), Awarapan (2007), By my Baby (2010), Vari vari jawan (2011) and Tharki sala (2014).[2] Her best-selling album so far is Princess[source?].

Annie was for a short time married to a criminal multi-millionaire Pakistani, settled in Dubai, called Malik Noureed Awan.[3] But this man was very violent[4] and he used to beat and abuse her, so she left him[source?].

She is working on a new album to be released soon[when?][source?].

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