António de Spínola

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His Excellency
António de Spínola
Oil painting by Duarte Pimentel
14th President of Portugal
In office
May 15, 1974 – September 30, 1974
Prime Minister Adelino da Palma Carlos
Vasco Gonçalves
Preceded by Américo Tomás
Succeeded by Francisco da Costa Gomes
Governor of the Portuguese Guinea
In office
May 20, 1968 – August 30, 1973
President Américo Tomás
Personal details
Born April 11, 1910
Estremoz, Portugal
Died August 13, 1996(1996-08-13) (aged 86)
Lisbon, Portugal
Religion Roman Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance  Portugal
Service/branch Military flag of Portugal Portuguese Army
Years of service 1920–1974, 1981
  • General (effective)
  • Field Marshal (honorific)

António Sebastião Ribeiro de Spínola was a Portuguese military officer.

During the Carnation Revolution, Marcelo Caetano would only surrender to Spínola. This gave Spínola an important place after the revolution. He was made president of the National Salvation Junta. Then he became President of Portugal. He was only President 4 months before Francisco da Costa Gomes took the position.[1]

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