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Antisexuality is when a person thinks sex is always bad.

Reasons[change | change source]

Different people have different reasons for being antisexual. Here are some reasons.

  • Sexuality can make friendships harder. (Sometimes people dislike other people because they are sexually attracted to the same person).
  • Sex may stop a person from developing spiritually.
  • Sexual desire can make people act with primitive instinct instead of using their intelligence (people in the world continue to have unsafe casual sex even though they know about the dangers of diseases caught from sex, as an example).
  • Sexuality happens by releasing chemicals in the brain which are like drugs.
  • Sexual desire can cause people to lie and cheat so they can try and get sex.
  • Sexuality can lead to people being mean to each other, because some people will think certain sexualities are wrong.
  • Sexual desires could be untrue feelings that society gives you, which is why you may look at how your sexuality is ideally made and made by society.
  • Sexuality makes no sense because it is too complicated for what it is supposed to do; with the variety of orientations, kinks, fetishes, and especially dangerous things, like sadism, polygamy, and unsafe sex, make human sexuality seem too strange to be useful.
  • People who disagree with 'lookism' (being prejudiced about someone because of the way they look), as well as some supporters of 'fat acceptance', say that sexuality makes people discriminate against people who are said to be unattractive.
  • Some antisexualists do not think there is a difference between consent (chosen sex) and coercion (unchosen sex - rape), and see sex as a way of oppression.

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