Appenzell (district)

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Coordinates: 47°20′N 9°25′E

Coat of Arms of Appenzell
Country Switzerland
Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden
District n.a.
Coordinates 47°20′N 9°25′E
Population 5618   (as of December 2004)
Area 16.9 km2 (6.5 sq mi)
Elevation 780 m (2,560 ft)
Postal code 9050
SFOS number 3101
Surrounded by
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Gais (AR), Gonten, Rüte, Schlatt-Haslen, Schwende

Appenzell is a district of the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden in Switzerland. The district of Appenzell contains part of the town Appenzell, as well as Rinkenbach, Kau and Meistersrüte.

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