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Archie Roach (Archibald William Roach), was born in 1956 at Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia.[1] He is an aboriginal-Australian singer and songwriter. His songs are popular in the Australian Aboriginal community.

Early Life[change | change source]

At the age of three or four, Roach was taken from his family by the Australian government. His two sisters were also taken away. After spending time in an orphanage, he was raised in Melbourne, Australia, by a white family, who had moved to Melbourne from Scotland.[2]

As a teenager, Roach ran away from home to look for his biological parents.[2] After running away, while homeless and abusing alcohol, Roach met his wife, musician Ruby Hunter. During the late 1980s, Roach and Hunter created a band named “Altogether” with other Aboriginal musicians.[2]

In mid-2011, Roach was diagnosed with early lung cancer, and had one of his lungs removed. While recovering, he released his hit album “Into the Bloodstream.”[3]

Awards and achievements[change | change source]

His album Charcoal Lane won an ARIA Award as the Best Indigenous Album of the Year.[2] He was given an ARIA Award as the Best New Talent.[1] The Rolling Stone Magazine listed it in the Top 50 Albums of 1992.[2] Looking for the Butter Boy won three ARIA Awards in 1998.[2]

In 2013, Roach won a Deadly Award for Album of the Year. He has also won two ARIA awards and a national Human Rights Award for his songs “Took the Child Away” and “Charcoal Lane.” Many of his songs talk about his experiences and the difficulties he has faced as an Aboriginal Australian.

In 2015 Roach was made a member of the Order of Australia.[4]

Discography[change | change source]

  • Koorie (with Ruby Hunter) (1989)
  • Charcoal Lane (1990)[5]
  • Jamu Dreaming (1993)
  • Searching for the Butter Boy (1997)
  • Sensual Being (2002)
  • The Tracker (Movie soundtrack 2002)
  • Journey (2007)
  • Into the Bloodstream (2012)[5]

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