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The axilla (also known as the armpit, underarm, or oxter) is the area on the human body right under where the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder. The axilla is one of the four places where a medical thermometer can be used to measure human body temperature. The other places are the rectum, mouth, and ear canal.[1]

What is in the area of the axilla[change | change source]

In the area where the axllia is, the body parts that are found are the axillary vein, axillary artery, brachial plexus, lymph nodes, and fat.

Hair of the axilla[change | change source]

A woman with axilla hair

During puberty, hair will grow in the underarms. Many women choose to shave or remove this hair because it gives a neater and cleaner look when wearing some types of clothes, however some women do not shave and choose to have a natural look for cultural or symbolic reasons.

Body odor[change | change source]

Body odor occurs in the axilla due to microorganisms.

Due to this, many companies make deodorants to help remove the bad odor.

What the axilla is known for[change | change source]

Many people think of the axilla as being a ticklish spot.

Other words for axilla[change | change source]

In the U.K., the axilla is called the oxter.[2]

Underarm, another word for axilla, only is the outside of the axilla.

Armpit, like underarm, refers to the axilla, but also means an object or place that is smelly or greasy.[3]

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