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Arnulf of Carinthia

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Arnulf of Carinthia
Emperor of the Romans
Seal of Arnulf of Carinthia c. 896
Emperor in Italy
Reign22 February 896 – 8 December 899
SuccessorLouis the Blind
King of Italy
Reign894 – 8 December 899
SuccessorLouis the Blind
King of East Francia
Reign11 November 887[1] – 8 December 899
PredecessorCharles the Fat
SuccessorLouis the Child
Bornc. 850
Died8 December 899
Ratisbon, Duchy of Bavaria, East Francia (now Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany)[2]
Oda of West Francia
IssueLouis the Child
Ratold of Italy
Glismut of Carinthia
Hedwig of Carinthia
FatherCarloman of Bavaria
signum manus (890)Arnulf of Carinthia's signature

Arnulf of Carinthia (c. 850 – December 8, 899) was the duke of Carinthia who removed his uncle, Emperor Charles the Fat from power. He was the disputed King of Italy from 894 and the disputed Holy Roman Emperor from February 22, 896 until his death at Regensburg, Bavaria.

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