Arsenal de Sarandí

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Arsenal FC
Full nameArsenal Fútbol Club
Nickname(s)Los del Viaducto (The Viaduct men)
El Arse (The Arse)
Founded11 January 1957; 66 years ago (1957-01-11)
GroundEstadio Julio H. Grondona,
Sarandí, Avellaneda Partido
ChairmanJulio R. Grondona
ManagerMartín Palermo
LeaguePrimera División
2014 Final17th
WebsiteClub website

Arsenal Fútbol Club (Spanish pronunciation: [arˈsenal ˈfutβol ˈkluβ]), usually referred as Arsenal de Sarandí [arˈsenal de saɾanˈdi], is an Argentine sports club from Sarandí, Avellaneda Partido, Greater Buenos Aires. It is best known for its football team. They won their first Primera División championship in 2012 and the Copa Sudamericana in 2007.

They are also known for having a similar name to the famous English Premier League team Arsenal F.C

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