Arta Region

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Arta Region
Gobolka Carta
إقليم عرتا
Djibouti - Arta.svg
Country Djibouti
Administrative centreArta
 • Total1,800 km2 (700 sq mi)
 • Total50,017[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
ISO 3166 codeDJ-AR

Arta Region is one of the six regions of Djibouti. The capital city is Arta.

Other towns include We`a, Damerjog and Loyada. The Hemed mountain is the highest point. The country of Somalia is to the east.

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Coordinates: 11°31′N 42°50′E / 11.517°N 42.833°E / 11.517; 42.833