Artsakh dram

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Artsakh dram
Արցախյան դրամ (in Armenian)
2 dram banknote (obverse)
2 dram banknote (obverse)
User(s)  Artsakh (alongside Armenian dram)
Inflation N/A
Pegged with Armenian dram
1100 luma
Freq. used 50 luma, 1 dram, 5 dram
Rarely used 1000 dram
Banknotes 2 dram, 10 dram
[[]] Republic of Artsakh Ministry of Finance
Website []
Printer Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
(Austria State Printing House)

The Artsakh dram (Armenian: Արցախյան դրամ) is one of the currency used in the Republic of Artsakh (limited recognition). It is legal tender but is not as widely used as the Armenian dram.