Arun River

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Arun (Bum-chu)
Arun River of Nepal.JPG
View of Arun River from Leguwa VDC of Nepal.
Countries Nepal, China
State Tibet
 - left Yeru Tsanpo, Trakar-chu
 - right Barun River
Source Gutso
Mouth Joins with Sun Kosi and Tamur River to form Sapta Kosi
 - location Tribenighat, Nepal

The Arun River (Nepali: अरुण नदी) is a river that flows from Tibet to Nepal. It is a part of Koshi River which flows into India. It is known as Phung Chu or Bum-chu at Tibet, from where it starts. Around 37 percent of the total water of Koshi River comes from this river.[1][2]

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