Arun River

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Bum-chu  (Chinese)
Arun River of Nepal.JPG
View of Arun River from Leguwa VDC of Nepal.
Arun River is located in Nepal
Arun River
Location of mouth in Nepal
CountryNepal, China
Physical characteristics
 - locationTibet
MouthConfluence with Sun Kosi and Tamur River to form Sapta Kosi
 - locationTribenighat, Nepal
 - coordinates26°54′47″N 87°09′25″E / 26.91306°N 87.15694°E / 26.91306; 87.15694Coordinates: 26°54′47″N 87°09′25″E / 26.91306°N 87.15694°E / 26.91306; 87.15694
 - locationKosi river
Basin features
 - leftYeru Tsanpo, Trakar-chu
 - rightBarun River

The Arun River (Nepali: अरुण नदी) is a river that flows from Tibet to Nepal. It is a part of Koshi River which flows into India. It is known as Phung Chu or Bum-chu at Tibet, from where it starts. Around 37 percent of the total water of Koshi River comes from this river.[1][2]

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