Asadabad, Afghanistan

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Chagha Saray
US soldiers patrolling the streets of Asadabad
Nickname(s): Abad - US soldiers use it referencing Asadabad and nearby FOB
Asadabad, Afghanistan is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°52′27″N 71°9′10″E / 34.87417°N 71.15278°E / 34.87417; 71.15278Coordinates: 34°52′27″N 71°9′10″E / 34.87417°N 71.15278°E / 34.87417; 71.15278
Country  Afghanistan
Province Kunar Province
 • Type Islamic republic
Elevation 2,713 ft ft (827 m m)
Population [1]
 • Total 48,400
Time zone + 4.30
Some detailed information has been withheld due to the sensitivity of operations still ongoing in the area.

Asadabad or Asad Abad (Pashto: اسدآباد - Asadābād) is the capital city of Kunar Province in Afghanistan. It is in the eastern part of the country next to Pakistan. There are a lot of mountains around Asadabad.

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