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Ashikaga Takauji (足利 尊氏, August 18, 1305June 7, 1358)[1] was the founder of the Ashikaga shogunate.[2]

He took power in 1338. This was the beginning of the Muromachi period in Japan, and his reign came to an end with his death in 1358..[3]

He was in the Seiwa Genji family. The family is descended from Emperor Seiwa.

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  1. His name had originally been written with the characters 高氏,but he later received from Emperor Go-Daigo the right to use those 尊氏, under which he would become famous. According to Sansom (1977:87), in contemporary chronicles he is rarely called with his name, but referred to as Ō-gosho (大御所, Great shōgun) or Dainagon (Great Councillor).
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