Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

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Assassination of Archduke
Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg
Assassination illustrated in the Italian newspaper Domenica del Corriere, 12 July 1914 by Achille Beltrame
LocationNear the Latin Bridge, Sarajevo (43°51′29″N 18°25′44″E / 43.857917°N 18.42875°E / 43.857917; 18.42875)
Date28 June 1914
PerpetratorGavrilo Princip

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, happened on 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo. They were shot dead by Gavrilo Princip.

Princip was one of a group of seven assassins (five from Serbia and one from Bosnia) from the Black Hand secret society. The political reason for the assassination was to break off Austria-Hungary's South Slav provinces so they could be combined into a new country, Greater Serbia.

This led to the outbreak of war in Europe at the end of July 1914.[1] Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Both country's allies became involved in the war.

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