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Supreme Creator God
King of the Heaven and God of the Sky
Member of Primordial deities
"Atingkok" is represented by the Meitei numerical letter "꯱" ("Ama", meaning "One").
Other namesNames of the Supreme God in Meitei religion
AffiliationMeitei religion (Sanamahism)
WeaponsThunderbolt, spear, polo stick
TextsWakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Amailon Pukok Puya, Khongjomnubi Nongarol, Konthoujam Nongarol, Leisemlon, Leithak Leikharol, Sakok Lamlen, Tutenglon
RegionAncient Manipur
Ethnic groupMeitei ethnicity
FestivalsLai Haraoba
Personal information
ConsortsLeimarel Sidabi, Konthoujam Tampha Lairembi
Greek equivalentZeus
Roman equivalentJupiter
Hinduism equivalentVishnu, Indra

"Atingkok" (Meitei: ꯑꯇꯤꯡꯀꯣꯛ) (literally, "father void"[1]) is the Supreme Creator God of the universe in Meitei mythology and religion.[2][3][4] He is regarded as the legendary male ancestor of the living beings on the earth.[5]

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