Atong language (Sino-Tibetan)

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Native toIndia, Bangladesh
RegionIndia, State of Meghalaya and adjacent areas in Bangladesh
Native speakers
(undated figure of 10,000, 4,600 in India)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3aot

A’tong (also spelled Attong) is a language spoken in Bangladesh. It is spoken by about 5,400 people in the northern Netrokona District.

The language will possibly become more mixed with the Abeng dialect of Garo and Bengali. Many children can speak Abeng before starting school, but most speakers also have good proficiency in Bengali.

They are reckoned by themselves and other Garos to be Garos, but the languages are not mutually intelligible with Garo. The speakers of A’tong are mostly Christian peasants.

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