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Atze Schröder (2010)

Atze Schröder is a German comedy figure played by Hubertus Albers.

Atze Schröder[change | change source]

The figure "Atze Schröder" was born on 27 September 1965 in the German town Essen.

Biography of the comedian[change | change source]

In public, he always acts as his pseudonym "Atze Schröder". Some sources report Emsdetten as his place of birth. He was suing a German newspaper and the German Wikipedia after they published his real name Hubertus Albers.[1][2]

Awards[change | change source]

  • 2000: Deutscher Comedypreis – Best Comedy Act for Alles Atze
  • 2003: Deutscher Comedypreis – Best Actor in a comedy show for Alles Atze
  • 2003: Deutscher Fernsehpreis – Best Sitcom for Alles Atze
  • 2005: Deutscher Comedypreis – Best Comedy Series for Alles Atze

References[change | change source]

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