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Australian Fossil Mammal Sites (Riversleigh/Naracoorte)

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Australian Fossil Mammal Sites
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official name Australian Fossil Mammal Sites (Riversleigh/Naracoorte)
Criteria Natural: viii, ix
Reference 698
Inscription 1994 (18th Session)

The Australian Fossil Mammal Sites is the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Queensland and South Australia.[1]

The UNESCO listing is for two separate areas where fossils from the Cainozoic era have been found. Riversleigh is in the north west corner of Queensland and Naracoorte is in the south east corner of South Australia. The Riversleigh site is part of the Lawn Hill National Park.

The sites are important for their extinct marsupials. The fossils show the evolution of mammals in Australia over the last 20 million years. The Naracoorte site is part of the Naracoorte Caves National Park. Its fossils show the way marsupials adapted to the great climate changes that have affected the world over the last 170,000 years.

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