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Australian Sports Medal

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Australian Sports Medal

Awarded by Australia
EligibilityAustralian citizens
Awarded forSporting achievements [1]
DescriptionIntroduced to recognise Australian sporting achievements.
Established23 December 1999
First awarded2000
Last awarded2000
Total awarded18,000+
Next (higher)80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal
Next (lower)Centenary Medal

The Australian Sports Medal was an award given during 2000 to recognise achievements in Australian sport.

Winners of the award included competitors, coaches, sports scientists, office holders, and people who maintained sporting facilities and services. Over 18,000 Medals were awarded.


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  • The medal is circular and made of nickel-silver with a highly polished finish. The front design symbolises Australian sport showing the stars of the Southern Cross, and lines representing the athletics track at the Australian Sports Stadium.
  • The other side has the same lines as the front, and the words ‘to commemorate Australian sporting achievement’ appearing in the raised edge of the medal. It is also marked with the year ‘2000’.
  • The medal hangs from a 32 mm ribbon by a connector piece and ring. The ribbon’s colours are Australia’s national colours green and yellow.

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