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There are many desserts eaten in Australia.

Pavlova[change | change source]

Pavlova is a meringue cake. Meringue is egg whites and sugar. It is crispy on the outside. It is light inside. It has fruit and cream on top.


The name "pavlova" comes from a famous Russian ballerina called Anna Pavlova.

The first pavlova was made in New Zealand. In 1926 a chef in a hotel made the dessert when Anna Pavlova was in the country[1].

Pavlova is also very popular in Australia.

Lamington[change | change source]

A lamington is a sponge cake. It is covered with chocolate and coconut. Sometimes it has jam in the middle.

a lamington with cream
A lamington with cream

The Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901 was Lord Lamington. The cake was probably named after him, or his wife[2].

Lamingtons are very popular in Australia. July 21st is National Lamington Day[3].

Fairy Bread[change | change source]

Fairy Bread
Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is white bread spread with butter, and covered in Hundreds and Thousands. The bread is cut into triangles. Fairy bread is popular at children’s parties.

No one knows who made the first Fairy Bread. In 1929 there was a newspaper article about fairy bread in a newspaper in Hobart, Tasmania.

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