Awan tribe

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Awan are a tribe mostly inhabiting Punjab[1] and other parts of Pakistan. They are probably of mixed, indigenous origins, with a section of the tribe claiming Arab descent from a person called Qutb Shah.[2] However, they are mostly accounted to be of Indo-European ethnicity.[3]

References[change | change source]

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  2. Punjab Gazetteer 1907. It is quite certain that there was no real person called Qutb Shah/Qutub Shah, in history
  3. Prof HP Gupta, 'History and Tribes of the Punjab', Lahore, 1935. Prof Gupta believed the Awans are the 'Abanii' or 'Avanii' mentioned by the ancient Greek and Roman historians and travelers. A modern Pakistani scholar, Prof Dr Ahmad Hasan Dani also agreed with this theory.