Ayalon River

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Ayalon River (Nahal Ayalon (נחל איילון - in Hebrew))
Wadi Musrara (in Arabic)
The Ayalon River between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan
Name origin: Driving from the Hebrew root for tree
Country Israel
Region Central Israel
Cities Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv
 - location Yarqon
Length 50 km (31 mi)
Basin 815 km² (315 sq mi)

Ayalon River (Hebrew: נחל איילון, Nahal Ayalon, Nahr el barideh or Wadi Musrara, in Arabic) is a river in central Israel. The river starts in the Judaean Mountains and flows as a dry river from the mountains to the Ayalon Valley in the Shfela region. After this, it flows into a floodplain in the Ayalon Park and gets filled with water. After that it turns into a channel flowing alongside Road 20 in Tel Aviv and also a railway track beside it and flows to the Yarkon River inside the Yarkon Park at the end.

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Coordinates: 32°5′45.89″N 34°48′15.59″E / 32.0960806°N 34.8043306°E / 32.0960806; 34.8043306