Ayumi Suzuki

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Ayumi Suzuki (鈴木歩) is a Japanese professional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[1][2] Her husband is also known as a professional Go player.

Achievements[change | change source]

Year Notes[1][2]
2001 Obtained professional player license by the female player examination. Promoted to 2 dan in the end of this year.
2003 and 2007 Obtained the Female Champion title (女流最強位).
2004 Qualified to the NHK Cup Tournament.[3]
2008 Challenged to Xie Yimin for the Female Honinbo title (女流本因坊). She also represented Japan at the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing.
2009 Qualified to the challenger determination league for the Female Grand Master title (女流名人).
2010 Represented Japan at the Asian Games. Promoted to 5 dan at the end of this year.
2011 Finalist at the pair Go championship. She was also qualified to the championship tournament at the Dragon Star (竜星) title.[3] Due to these records, she was promoted to 6 dan at the end of this year.
2015 Challenged to Xie Yimin for the Female Grand Master title (女流名人).
2017 Qualified to the main tournament of the Tengen (天元) title.[3][4]
2020 Defeated Asami Ueno and obtained the Female Board Master title (女流棋聖). This is her first title since 2007. She was also the finalist at the female Tachiaoi Cup (女流立葵杯)

Notes[change | change source]

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