B-24 Liberator

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The B-24 Liberator was a heavy bomber used by the Consolidated Aircraft. It was more reliable than its sister plane the B-17 Flying Fortress. It was quicker, had a bigger bomb load and had more weapons.

The B-25/24 Mitchell was an elite strike bomber. This beast could carry 3000 lbs (1360 kg) of bombs internally with the bomb bay, and more under the wings. The B-25/24 completed many missions at low altitude, and came equipped with many frontal guns and several turrets. The B-25 and B-24 were very similar strike bombers, with near identical payloads and armament presets though the B-24 was a stronger and more powerful aircraft. A noticeable story of a B-24 named ‘Lady Be Good’ was supposedly lost in the North-African theatre of WWII.