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B. Petit

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B. Petit
Personal information
Bornc. 1900s

B. Petit (born c. 1900s) was a French swimmer from Rouen in the 1920s and early 1930s. She was a member of Union Fédérale des Nageurs de Normandie and later took an individual license.

She represented France at the 1922 Women's Olympiad, the earliest international women’s swimming championships. She competed in the 200 metre breaststroke event. In her heat she competed against French Alice Harflinger and beated the Dutch Loes Brandt.[1][2]

In August 1927 she competed at the French national swimming championships, but didn’t win a medal.[3] At the 1931 French national championships in Paris she won the bronze medal in the 400 metre freestyle behind Yvonne Godard and Suzanne Delbort.[3]

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