BBC Knowledge Magazine

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BBC Knowledge Magazine
Editor Sally Palmer (UK edition)[1]
Categories Science, nature, history[2][3]
Frequency Bi-monthly (every two months)[1][2][3][4]
First issue 2008[3][4]
Company BBC[1][2]
Country United Kingdom[4]
Language English

BBC Knowledge Magazine was a magazine made by the BBC.[1][2] It had articles about science, nature and history.[2] The magazine was launched in North America, in 2008.[3][4] It closed in November 2012. It reprinted articles from BBC Focus Magazine, BBC History Magazine and BBC Wildlife Magazine.[1][2][3][4] It was available in many countries[3][4] and was edited by different people. A digital version of BBC Knowledge Magazine was available.[4]

The magazine was chosen as one of the top ten magazines of 2008 by Library Journal.[2][5]

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