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BBC Sounds

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BBC Sounds
Initial release25 June 2018; 5 years ago (2018-06-25)
Written inJavaScript, Scala, Swift, Kotlin[1][2]
PlatformWeb, iOS, Android
Available inEnglish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish[3]
TypeMedia player software

BBC Sounds is a streaming media and audio download service by the BBC. It can be used to listen to live BBC radio broadcasts, on demand audio, and BBC podcasts using the internet.[4] The service is available as a website, and also as an app on many devices, including smartphones, cars, and smart televisions. It has no advertising in the United Kingdom. It started on 25 June 2018, and replaced the old iPlayer Radio app in October 2018. iPlayer Radio ended in September 2019.[5]

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